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Hydraulic Components & Accessories

“Just wanted to express a huge appreciation from our team and myself to Hose Doctor, who has helped us with our hoses again. They are great at explaining how everything works and are very polite and helpful. It is great having Hose Doctor as our close contact for our hoses as our cleaning operations depend on them.”


Patryk Michalski – Temple Bar Area Supervisor

We stock a huge range of Hydraulic Components. Below is just a small list of what we have readily available. But don’t worry, if you don’t find it listed below give us a call today as we work with huge supply chains across the globe to make sure we are always supplying our clients with the correct product for the project at hand.

Pipe Clamps
  • Clamping systems for pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and components.
  • Light, Standard, heavy, twin series
  • 6mm to 406mm diameter
  • Smooth and profiled designs
  • Produced to satisfy various DIN standards
  • Anti corrosion (ACT)
  • Fire retardant (PPDA)
  • Unique clamping solutions to your specifications


Hydraulic Tube Connectors
  • Multiple diverse and reliable methods of connecting steel and other rigid tubes.
  • Compression joints
  • Tube formed ends – guaranteed leak free connection system
  • Available in LL, L and S series
  • Additional elastomeric seals
  • Available in mild and stainless steel
  • Working pressures 100 to 830 bar
  • Strict compliance with DIN 2352 standard for interchangeability
  • Heavy duty sizing from 6mm to 38mm
  • Light duty sizing from 4mm to 42mm
SAE Flanges & Gear Pump Flanges
  • Flanges available in 3000 and 6000 series versions.
  • Split and solid flanges
  • Threaded: BSP, metric, NPT, JIC, straight, 90° male and female
  • Blanking flanges
  • SAE flange adaptor blocks
  • Socket weld: straight and 90°
  • Butt weld: straight and 90°
  • Socket weld nipples: straight and 90°
Hydraulic Hose & Connectors
  • Assemblies for applications spanning virtually all industries.

  • Manufacture to DIN, SAE and other international standards.

  • Hydraulic, suction, general purpose, air brake, stainless steel reinforced PTFE hose, smooth bore and convoluted.

  • End connectors to all major thread and flange standards and international specification

  • Working pressures up to 1000 bar

  • 1, 2 and 3 wire braid reinforced / 4 and 6 spiral wire reinforced.

  • Thermoplastic for Hydraulics, paint spray, water jetting and jacking

  • Combination hose and tube assemblies

  • Hose assembly testing and certification available upon request

Hydraulic Quick Couplers and Adaptors
  • Available to complement and support the connection of hose assemblies.

  • ISO A & B – sizes 1/8” to 2” – working pressure 350 bar

  • Flat face – 1/4″ to 1.1/4” – working pressure 250 bar
  • Various types of screw type quick connect couplings available
  • Adaptors available to all international thread standards
  • Adaptors available: male, female, flange, straight, 45°, 90°, swept, compact, tees, plug caps, bulkheads, locknuts, BSPP, BSPT, JIC, UNF, SAE, Metric, ORFS and NPT
  • QRCs and adaptors in carbon and stainless steel
Ball Valves and Flow Control Valves
  • A selection of quality low & high pressure ball valves

  • 2 way ball valves

  • 3 and 4 multi-way ball valves

  • Flanged, in accordance with DIN, SAE and ANSI standards

  • Manifold and cartridge ball valves

  • Accessories, locking devices, actuators and limit switches

  • Carbon steel and stainless steel

Diagnostic Test Points and Test Hoses
  •  Accessories for monitoring, venting and sampling test systems at working pressure.
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Connection thread M16 x 2, M16 x 1.5, S12, 65×1.5 plug in system
  • Nominal working pressure up to 630 bar
  • Test hose: nominal bore DN2 and DN4
  • Pressure test kits assembled to customer specifications
  • Wide range of hose connectors
Testing, Analysis & Display Devices
  •  Monitoring and analysis equipment for use in hydraulic applications.
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Laser particle counter to monitor the degree of contamination of mineral based hydraulic fluids
  • Pressure transmitters up to 1020 bar into corresponding output signals
  • Hand held digital units
  • PPC04 measures working pressure, temperature, flow rat and rotational speed
  • PPC06/08/12 measures working pressure, temperature flow rate and rotational speed. Available with up to 6 sensor interfaces.
Filter Housing and Filter Elements
  • Filter systems for the mobile & industrial hydraulic industry.
  • High Pressure Filters: Max working pressure up to 420bar. Flow rate up to 1320 l/min
  • In-line Filters: Max working pressure up to 14 bar. Flow rate up to 7000 l/min
  • Medium Pressure Filters: Max working pressure up to 110 bar. Flow rate up to 90l/min
  • Return – line Filters designed as tank-top filters.  Maximum working pressure up to 16 bar.
  • Spin-on Filters, Offline Filtration Systems, Bypass Filtrations Systems, Filter Carts, Comprehensive range of filtration systems and accessories available on request.