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Spill Control

“…Over the years I have given Hose Doctor “difficult fixes” and they have, one way or another, come up with a solution to get me back up and running…”


Thomas Byrne – Garage Supervisor, Bus Eireann

Oil spills are one of the most common types of chemical spills in the workplace. Oil spills can be dangerous and can increase the chance of slip and fall accidents, as well as there being the possibility of it catching fire due to oil being highly flammable. There is also a risk of an environmental impact.

Accidents happen and if you work in an environment where an oil spill could happen, then safety becomes a priority. It is important to have the correct product at hand to deal with it. This is why Hose Doctor can supply a huge array of spill equipment to help our customers deal with these situations.

Spill Kits

For maintenance, chemical and oil

Spill Kit Accessories

Disposable bags, signs, labels, covers and containers


Cushions, pads, rolls, socks and granules

Spill Containments and bunding

Drip trays, plant nappy, bunded pallets 

Service Plugs

Drip trays, plant nappy, bunded pallets