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Hegarty Demolition

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Hegarty Demolition


We recieved a call from David Richardson – Hegarty Demolition Plant Manager.

He had a failed 80CC hydraulic motor resulting in damage to pump drive coupling also. These parts drove a water pump on a dust suppression system on a CAT345 long reach with attached muncher. This resulted in no dust suppression during the demolition process resulting in machine down time

The Response

The failed unit was brought to Hose Doctor to assess the problem and solution. Within 1 hour a plan had been put in place. The hydraulic motor was ex stock. The drive coupling was an OEM part with a lead time of 4 weeks. We had a type 1A straight drive coupling that suited the hydraulic motor but not the water pump.

The Solution

We machined the drive coupling to suit the 30mm shaft with key on the water pump.

The suppression system was operational less than 24 hours from initial call.

I contacted David to ensure all was ok and he was very appreciative of the speed of response and quality of work

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